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Our mission is to offer a premier, unique, and personalized experience so that everyone has a place to call home. Through our knowledgeable agents and professional staff, the customer will have a sense of fulfillment when the keys are delivered.

We are proud to be experienced property managers and REALTORS® in Hopewell, VA, and surrounding communities, including: Prince George, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Dinwiddie, and Chesterfield.

Our Vision is to be the leading real estate housing provider in Central Virginia

To clients and customers with real estate needs, Parr & Abernathy Realty is your local industry expert that is specifically tailored and personalized to build long lasting relationships because everyone deserves a place to call home

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Very professional, well organized process, welcoming and they even give you a book that explains everything. I was taken with how well they are organized.
-B. DelCristo
The service here is top notch...prompt, responsive, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Parr & Abernathy. Their commitment to this community and the people that live in it is refreshing.
-R. Hoffman

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